About Me

JAC-123bHi. I’m Carolyn.  I’m a newly wed and just out of college.  My hubby and I are both elementary teachers and currently surviving on sub pay.  We were blessed with not having any debt coming with us into our marriage so although we are living off of a very low-income we are still able to save.  We don’t have much, but we’re happy.  Growing up as an interior designer’s daughter I have an eye for the finer things, so I have had to find my own way to get the look I want without the heavy price.  We have found that we can do without and still be okay.  Still being in school our first six months we were married, we both finished grad school without cable, internet, T.V. to help cut costs.  Due to our small kitchen, we opted out of a microwave too.  Much to our surprise, we adjusted and really didn’t miss what we were doing without.  Due to the internet being necessary to get sub jobs we got it as soon as we graduated, but everything else has been fairly easy to do without.  This sparked an idea in us to try to do without.  We know we will never own a million dollar home and we’re fine with that.  Of course I would love to be able to buy everything in the Lilly Pulitzer catalogue, but I can try to get the looks I want will a little effort and creativity.  I never want to look back and see I have missed life’s moments because I have been to discontent with my circumstances to notice the blessings before me. I’d rather do without than miss out on the simple things.

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