Why the Name?

How did we come up with Chickens and Chalkboards?

Well, several things came into play, but most importantly our new house!  We have (as of tomorrow) purchased a 100 year old farmhouse in the middle of the Heartland, Ohio.  The house was originally the one-room schoolhouse for the area and couldn’t be more perfect for us.  I know, two teachers living in an old one-room school house seems like a story line in a cheesy chick flick, but its true.  Our neighbors are 20 mild-mannered sheep and several acres of  friendly corn.  We still want to try to live more simply, which is partly why we moved out to the country, so we will still be Living in Joyful Simplicity just now at Chickens and Chalkboards.  The house already has a chicken coop so we are hoping to purchase chickens relatively soon (which we know nothing about so it may get interesting, Danny plans on being involved with the chickens as a distant, very distant, observer).

Why a farm?

1. I have always been goofy about farms.  

This surprises most people, because I come across as the country-club-loving-dirt-free-girly-girl, but that really isn’t me.  I love farms, the animals, and the simplicity that comes with it.  I hate keeping up with the Joneses and run from anything like it.  Probably like most people, I can see myself falling into the materialism of the world and being consumed with my have-nots and must-haves, so I am trying to remove myself from it.  Granted, unless you are Amish (and maybe not even then), escaping completely is impossible, but we have a decent start.  I’m sure lots of people can handle the country club life and not become consumed, but I don’t know if I could stay content, either way we couldn’t afford it.

Yes this is me...

Yes this is me…

...but so is this

…but so is this


2.  Moving out of the city is cheap!  

We could never have afforded this home within any of the major cities.  Two teachers can make it by fine, but we are never going to be millionaires so we need to plan accordingly.  

Who wouldn't want this!

Who wouldn’t want this!

3. No neighbors!

Well if you count the sheep we have several, but there is only one house out our backdoor, and according to the previous owners, they are rarely home except for the occasional 4-H meetings (so country).  I guess I am more anti-social than most people, but I enjoy my space and quiet time.  Teaching also opens your eyes to the good and bad influences on children.  No matter how you try to raise your children, someone at school, the neighborhood, or someplace else can very quickly expose them to a whole different world than you were planning.  Not that you want to over shelter your kids, but I’d rather have my kids playing with crickets and frogs than hanging out at the neighbors on the computer all day.  We can have friends over, but also have the ability to take a break from people and just enjoy looking at those mild-mannered sheep.  We also don’t have as many regulations on what we can and cannot do, which I know Danny will enjoy (“Homeowners Associations, what a racket” – Danny).  He has been wanting a dirt bike since his family moved here 15 years ago.

And yes this 4-wheeler is now ours

And yes this 4-wheeler is now ours

So what’s the plan for the blog?

Pretty much everything will stay the same except the name.  We will be posting more about renovating our home, raising chickens (hopefully goats too some day), and other happenings on our little farm.  Our new home is our summer project so there will be a lot happening in the next few months, but hopefully we will enjoy the process.  Puppy posts will be coming soon! (1 week and counting!)

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