Home Sweet Home!

We bought a house!DSC_0211

After almost two years of looking we finally found our farmhouse.

My “Dream Home” wish list included; an old farmhouse, in the country, surrounded by farms, and located on at least an acre.   Although I have to admit, I greatly felt God saying last summer to wait a year, so we took that step and backed off the home search, I never expected to be in this house.  It has everything I hoped for and is more than we ever imagined our home would be. I thought that “Dream Home” would end up being just that, a dream.

IMG_2998 The previous  homeowners actually moved down the road, less than 5 miles, and own the barn across the street from us where there are about 30 baby lambs frolicking about!  Our view consists of knee-knocking little lambs out our large front window, a cornfield on our back property line, and an acre and a half patch of grass separating the two.  It is nice to know that the previous owners were honest, kind, NORMAL people and weren’t trying to hide anything harmful about the house.  They really took the time to ensure they fixed the important things (wiring, roof, etc.) and went above and beyond on the little things we asked them to fix from the inspection (Danny asked for duct tape to cover some exposed asbestos, they went and re-wrapped all the ductwork with heavy duty insulation). And because they’re across the street a lot, they have already stopped by and checked in on our moving progress and said we can feel free to ask them any questions as we go (honest, friendly, country folk).  We are dying to move in but have a lot of work to do because, thought he house was move-in ready, for me it wasn’t line-in ready.  Lets just say that my design style has no room for “builders beige” and “sage green” paint (ugh I even hate writing the name, it somehow makes this blog post seem more drab).  I know most people disagree, but I can’t stand greyed down, muted colors.  I find them depressing and I want my house to look fresh, happy and cheerful, so basically any house would need lots of work if I am to live there (High-maintenance? Maybe. Do I care? Nope, it’s my house, it’ll look how I want to make me happy when I’m there) .  Every room will eventually get an overhaul but there are a few things that are an absolute have-to before we relocate to the country life.  While I can picture the final product in my head,  to really appreciate the future “Afters”, I’ve got to post the “befores”, so here is a tour of our country home:

First Floor:


The mudroom is really our main entrance.  It is a nice size with sliding windows and great storage.


The kitchen is a good size with wood counters and a ceiling fan.  The window and fan provide plenty of airflow and the window into the mudroom provides extra light, plus the window is a really cool old window that is aged and adds a antique flair to the kitchen and mud room.

IMG_3512There is still an old pencil sharpener on the wall by the window from when the house was an old schoolhouse (Perfect for those dinner time multiplication tests!).


The back hall connects the bathroom and laundry to the rest of the house.  For now it is just a hall, but we plan on eventually making the area into a walk in pantry.


The downstairs bath is a full bath, which is nice for when we have kids.  The bathroom is small, but has a large window that lets in plenty of natural light for the small space.


We have a great sized laundry (finally a laundry room of our own) with a dog shower that is directly across from a back door.  Although we have a mudroom, this room will actually take most of the rough and tough dirt of a our country living.  The basement stairs are located on the left, so the room has a screen door to help ventilate, because a high humidity, unfinished basement comes with quite a smell.


Our main room is kind of a multipurpose room where we will put the kitchen table, the hutch and, BONUS, it has the fireplace.  This room is the hardest for me to figure out for furniture placement and needs, but I’m sure once we are living there we will find a place for everything we have and more.


Our front room we are going to use as our living room.  It has the best view of the sheep and all my current furniture will fit in there nicely.  I can’t wait to sit on the couch and look at the cheerfully frolicking sheep in the morning!


The stairs are very steep, and narrow, but there is a door at the bottom that works like a built in gate (to stop your momentum as you plummet down, because we all know it’s that last step that hurts the most).  It also helps keep the house cooler on those hot and muggy summer days.


This room for now is our library.  It doesn’t have any insulation, heat, or airflow for that matter, so it still works more like a porch. Our plan is to someday convert it back to a front porch.

Second Floor:


The upstairs hall  begins at the top of the stairs and is flanked by two bedrooms, and a closet in between. Opposite the closet the hallway leads to the Master bedroom, with the master bathroom located in between.

Bedroom 1:

Old threadbare carpet already out!

Old threadbare carpet already out!

Bedroom 1 is a great size and easily fit the two boys who previously lived here.  It has shelves, but no closet, and the previous owners fit dressers in nicely so I don’t expect much of a problem with the storage in this room.

Bedroom 2:


Nasty green carpet is already out the window. Unfortunately we didn’t take a before shot to show how bad it was.

Bedroom 2 also does not have a closet and is a bit smaller (about 2 feet shorter lengthwise), but has the best airflow of any room in the house. All the rooms have ceiling fans and at least 2 windows are located on adjacent walls in each room, to increase airflow.

Master Bath:

IMG_2971-EditThe master bath is also the only bath upstairs, but it is an on-suite.  You walk through the bathroom to get to the master bedroom so it is kind of like a “Jack and Jill” bath with one side the master and the other the rest of the upstairs.  I’m getting the feeling that lots of people find it weird, and yes I’ve never seen it, but I don’t mind.  I would actually rather have this than the bath not connected and down the hall.  There aren’t any windows though and the heat vent opens to the main room below, so you can spy from above (May not be bad when we have teenagers some day and need to keep an eye on things).

Master Bed:


So excited over the floors!


Attic Space and a view of the old carpet.


Window Seat



The master bed  includes a window seat, crawl space/attic behind, and a walk-in closet.  We ripped out the carpet and found the old wood floors below which I absolutely love!

Little Extras

Chicken Coop:

I love this photo, but I want to get everything cleaned before I add chicks

I love this photo, but I want to get everything cleaned before I add chicks

Unfortunately these aren’t our chickens in the picture, but I, and yes only me, (Danny is not too into the chicken thing) am hoping to get some next year. We have decided next year seems better than this year, since the house has enough work in and of itself.  Originally I had hoped to get some this summer but their coop needs fixed and my house is more important right now than the chickens’.



We can easily fit 4 cars in our garage and several other toys.  There aren’t any doors, but eventually we plan to add them (Danny has plans for sliding barn-style doors).  The previous owner actually had a good suggestion on how to add some and said they always wanted to get rid of the gravel and put down concrete.  For now I don’t mind, but my car and I don’t enjoy the pigeons that want to roost inside on the garage rafters,  so I know that will eventually make the project list.

And there it is! The Dream Home has become a reality and yes, it needs some serious loving, but with a little elbow grease, sweat, probably tears (Danny’s), this place will be a focal point for the memories to come.


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