Country Sounds

I absolutely love living in the country!  Every night we sit on our back deck and relax in our Adirondack chairs, just listening to the bubbling of farm life around us.  In the distance we hear the occasional gentle lowing of the cows as they mosey on back to the barn and the deep grump from the bullfrogs in the pond behind. Up and down the lane we hear the clamor of puttering farm equipment heading home from a long day in the fields.  The bleating lambs call back and forth with their mothers in the field, while the chip, chittering purple martins dive and swoop through the air.  The pigeons sleepily coo in the top of the barn as they settle in for the night and the lightning bugs begin their dance as an ever changing constellation across the fields.  Lately the evenings have filled with the rumbling of thunder in the distance and the sweet rustling of the cottonwood tree as the storm moves in.  Usually the puppy gives a big, contented stretch and a sigh as he dozes off to his whimpering puppy dreams of chasing who knows what.  As the pitter patter of the rain begins on the roof, and the sheep scamper into the barn to stay dry, we finally scoop up the puppy and move in for the night.  The only thing missing is the clucking of chickens in the coop.  Hopefully next year the sound hens heading to their roost will permeate the still night, as another day in the country life culminates in the sweet night air.


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