Live and Learn…

To answer the question we are starting to get,

Yes, the blog is gone.

The short story:

Our credit card company noticed some questionable activity and canceled our cards,sending us new cards in the mail.  I left for vacation for 3 weeks and didn’t take my computer. Due to the new cards the payment for our blog didn’t go through to the hosting service. We had no idea they had been running the old card and getting it denied for a month and April 1 they deleted all of our content.  We still own the domain name but the payment for the hosting service was what wasn’t being processed. Every post, word, picture is gone.

So we’re trying to decide where to go from here.  For now, this old wordpress sight still exists so any post before July 2014 still exists, but everything else is gone.  We do own the domain name so we could rebuild, but I don’t like the idea of setting up for the possibility of this happening again, and we don’t plan to make money off the blog so the domain name isn’t really necessary.  I can track down the old posts and at least retrieve the text, slowly rewrite them here, find the pictures again, but that will take time.

We’re frustrated and feel like we lost a part of us.

We’re also reevaluating.  Now that we have to start over, would we want to change anything? Do things differently? Do anything at all or just quit?

My gut tells me I will slowly rebuild here, once I deal with the frustration of it all.  We’ll probably hang on to the domain name chickensandchalkboards for now.  We at least paid for it for the year, but I cant see myself risking losing it all again.  I had no idea everything could be lost.  There’s nothing.  No bare bones to even really build from.

So that’s where we are right now.  Other than that I don’t know yet which road we will take.


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