Stair Progress

So while baby and I were gone in Florida for a few weeks in March, Danny was left home alone and was able to get some projects finished.  We are getting so close to having the stairs and upstairs hall complete.  Hopefully this summer we will finish wallpapering the ceiling and be DONE!!!

For a refresher, here is where we started when we purchased the house.

The first thing he completed was putting in a call to our friend to install the carpet.  We originally planned on painting the stairs red, however, after having a baby scampering around, we realized sock toddler feet on slick, steep stairs probably wasn’t a great idea.  My mom had a water leak at her house a year ago and she had to rip out her super nice red carpet.  There was a strip that ran under the couch that was never touched and she had the great idea of saving it to run on my stairs.  It looks amazing and is like walking on a plush, quiet cloud (no more squeaky stairs!!!) There is no way we would get such good quality, thick, carpet, and we still get the look we wanted.  Baby loves crawling up and down and was excited to try it out when we got home.

Secondly, Danny replaced our dangerous railing, which is a huge relief.  Not only was it wobbly, but the spaces were so big baby could easily slip through. We were worried about puppies falling through then when baby arrived, we HAD to do something.

Here’s the old:

And now the new:

It still needs to be finished off with some stain, but now the hall is safe and baby thinks it’s great fun peeking through the rails.

Our list is finally dwindling down!!

  • replace railing
  • remove runner
  • add handrail
  • plank walls
  • hang mirror
  • paint floors
  • replace wall sconce
  • strip wallpaper
  • carpet stairs
  • stain the railings
  • wallpapers the ceiling
  • final paint
  • replace ceiling light
  • hang art

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