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Rachel and Jared Photographers

Rachel and Jared Photographers

 Hi! We are Danny and Carolyn and we’re from good old Ohio.  We were married in the summer of 2012 and both are elementary school teachers. Our dream is to own a small little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere      where we can put our creative minds to work.  Danny originally started out as an art major before switching to education and would love to be able to create and work with his hands.  I love old homes and would love to purchase one and fix it up someday.  For now those plans are still somedays, but we are in the house hunt for the home of our dreams.  While we both are super blessed with our jobs, finding that dream home on a teacher’s salary will be a challenge.  We hope to have a large family someday so we have already begun finding joy in the simple things.  We want to always be able to find joy in the blessings we are given and be content with our life.  We believe we don’t need money and glitz and glam to be happy as long as we keep our focus on what really matters in life.  Of course right now we would love to have a 100 acre farm, but that’s not realistic and probably never will be.  We know that life brings its ups and downs, and living with less won’t always be easy, but if we keep refocusing our minds on the ultimate goal, we will do just fine.

“I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…”

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