The Family

Meet the Family

Our Family

Our Family

I can’t imagine life without our families and you might as well get to know everyone because they will be appearing on the blog occasionally, some more than others.

JAC-0161 - Version 2My mom is an Interior Designer.  (I could probably stop at just that.) She has been doing design for years and always had great ideas.  She’s great at giving suggestions and will enjoy working along with me.  She has always been more the hire-it-out type because most of her clients want and can afford that, but she is showing more interest in DIY home projects now that we refinished her hallway.  While she still would probably recommend hiring out most projects, when it comes to her home and my home we will be doing more DIY projects.  To see more of her work, check out her blog Susan Harper Interiors.


My dad knows more than he wants to admit and dislikes home projects.  He gets roped in for advice and fixing mistakes and does great at dealing with difficult situations.  He works for an HVAC company and learned a lot from his dad about basic home repair so he will step in if all else fails.



Oh Doggie!

It may seem weird to include the dogs, but they play more of a role than expected.  They like to throw more challenges than help our way, but that’s life.

IMG_3659Meet Jackson!  Jackson is the latest addition to the family.  He is a wirehair pointing griffon who loves to play.  Jackson is sweet, but is definitely the problem child of the IMG_9322family. He loves stealing shoes or anything else that may get your attention.  He just turned 1  and is a squirmy bundle of joy.




Back Camera

Meet Hairy!

Hairy is our beloved old english sheepdog.  He will be 14 this summer and has trouble getting around, but he still is a puppy at heart.  He still loves chasing the 4-wheeler around the yard and has always wanted to play.  His nickname is Super Loving because that describes his personality perfectly.  He has been a great family dog and is tolerating the puppy well.


photo (1)

Meet Ed!

Eddie is a wirehair fox terrier and thinks he is a savage hunter.  Despite what we heard about the breed, Ed is very loyal and sensitive.  He is 13 now and spends more time inside than out, but he still loves chasing vermin.  Ed likes following my mom, so when she is with us he is typically somewhere nearby.  He likes sitting in the corner and watching and will jump into action if we stir up any critters in a project.



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