We’re Moving!! (again)

Hello blog readers, yes, we are moving sites once again. We are taking a step up and moving to a new web hosting service. This will provide us with a few more freedoms as we progress in the blogosphere. We are moving to chickensandchalkboards.com. We will retain the same look and all, only now we … Continue reading We’re Moving!! (again)


Installing the Laundry Floor

Danny did a great job installing our laundry room flooring.  We branched out from Lowe's and purchased some laminate flooring from Home Depot.  I searched around, originally looking at the Allure Flooring, because of cost and easy installation, and even considered linoleum, but I felt this floor looked the best and was actually the cheapest … Continue reading Installing the Laundry Floor


The trees are gone, well at least two of them.  Sunday, Danny's parents came out and helped us start cutting down some of our trees. We love the view of the fields out back but there are so many trees that it is hard to actually see the country view, so we decided to clear … Continue reading Timber!

Why the Name?

How did we come up with Chickens and Chalkboards? Well, several things came into play, but most importantly our new house!  We have (as of tomorrow) purchased a 100 year old farmhouse in the middle of the Heartland, Ohio.  The house was originally the one-room schoolhouse for the area and couldn't be more perfect for us. … Continue reading Why the Name?